Balloon Groups

Groups of Latex balloons are the cornerstone or any balloon shop. This does not mean all “groups of 3” are created equally. At Wow Wow you get Quality, Choice and Care everytime.


We stock Quality balloons, and insist on using only the very best latex balloons. All of the latex balloons we sell are manufactured by Qualatex. Why Qualatex? This manufacturer takes balloons very seriously and like us they give high regard to quality. As Qulatex say they named their business around Quality.


We pride ourselves in having a huge Choice of weights available. It’s the little touches and decisions that make your party unique which is why we like to have plenty of options for you. We stock a vast choice of balloon colours, if you think “purple is purple” come and visit us you will be amazed at the choice.


And last be but no means least Care. We are not in the business to churn out high quantities of average decorations. We would rather sell one group of 3 to our standard than sell one hundred groups that we are not happy with. We take pride in what we do and invest time to the balloons, adding ribbons and curling them to make them just so. We have developed the technique to make sure our groups are sized and made to consistent heights.   




2 balloon weights one plastic star and one is a cardboard box weight, both decorated with ribbon curls

Just two types of balloon weight we have available